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a Bit about me

I am Charlotte. I am a Belgian residing in Madrid. Graduate in Graphics and Advertising at the Ecole de Communication Visuelle de Paris. Tri-lingual: Spanish, French, and English. Focused on editorial design and branding. I am empathic, curious, aesthetician, and creative... I always enjoy learning and growing. Most of all, I love slow design and authenticity and I can't stand poorly targeted designs that lack foundation and aesthetics. ​

I help you clarify your raison d’être with a holistic study, to create a unique and personal corporate identity, consistent with your philosophy and values.


Diseñando Valores
Foto: Jorge flores

If you are an entrepreneur

I help you shape your projects and design your identity to achieve the differential presence you need, to break into the marketplace, through your brand’s holistic design.

What sets me apart?

I offer a highly customized treatment. I accompany you from the beginning of the process of knowledge and personal development until we succeed in combining and molding your personal and corporate identity.

Are you ready for a brand that reflects your essence?

Take a step-by-step look at the process.

  • Let me help you define your five core values.
  • We will conduct an internal scan to determine your Vision, why, purpose, target audience, beliefs… So, build your brand’s culture and pillars.
  • I’ll set up a mood board that will reflect the internal analysis done,
  • I’ll design your “YOUR LOGO” brand’s face.
  • Based on the above, I will define the colors, typography, and graphic elements of your identity.
  • To properly understand and use your image, I’m going to create a guideline to help you.
  • I will design your website according to the established graphics.
  • In conclusion, let’s give face and color to your social networks.
  • And we shall do everything, TOGETHER.

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