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Few Words About me

My name is Charlotte Goeders. I am a Belgian resident in Madrid. Graduated in Graphic Design and Advertising at the School of Visual Communication in Paris. Trilingual: Spanish, French and English. Specialized in Editorial Design and Branding. I am empathetic, curious, aesthetic lover and creative... I like to be always learning and progressing. Above all, I like slow design and authenticity and I can't stand poorly focused designs that lack foundation and aesthetics.

I help you clarify and specify your purpose through a holistic* study, in order to design a unique and personal Corporate Identity, which is in line with your philosophy and values.


Diseñando Valores
Foto: Jorge flores

If you are a solo-entrepreneur

I can help you shape your projects and design your identity to achieve the differential presence you need to gain a foothold in the market thanks to a holistic design of your brand.

What differentiates me from others?

I offer a very personalized treatment. I accompany you from the beginning of the process of knowledge and personal development, until we manage to combine and mold your personal and corporate identity.

Are you ready to shine through a Corporate Identity that is the reflection of your essence?

Check out the process, step by step

  • I will help you define your 5 CORE VALUES.
  • We will do an internal analysis to define your mission, your why, and your target audience. And so, create the pillars of your brand.
  • I will create a mood board that will be the reflection of the internal analysis carried out,
  • I will design the face of your brand “YOUR LOGO”.
  • According to the previous development, I will define the colors, typography, and graphic elements of your identity.
  • To understand and use your image correctly, I will create a Guideline to help you.
  • I will design your website following the established graphic line.
  • To conclude, we will give face and color to your social networks.
  • And we will do it all, TOGETHER.

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