my story

how did I become a brand builder

A few years ago, I quit my job as a graphic designer at Architectural Digest magazine, because I was feeling out of place…

Yet I loved my job, surrounded by quality photographers, interesting stylists, and cultivated journalists It was an enriching world but for some unknown reason, this world no longer made me happy. Without thinking too much, I tendered my resignation.

I spent a few years confused and lost, I no longer knew who I was or what I should do. So I embarked on a tortuous journey, one day I was a designer, another a teacher, also a blogger, influencer, artist, translator, creative director, photographer, illustrator, content creator, journalist… I did everything I knew.

Until I came across a book that completely changed my life, «30 Days – Change Your Habits, Change Your Life» by Marc Reklau. I discovered the importance of being clear about my values. And my life took on much more meaning, I suddenly understood the reason for my actions and decisions. I finally had a basis to be able to retrace my life.

So today, my mission is to help YOU define your values and build the life you want. My mission is to design your values.

Mentora y Consultora de marcas
FOTO: Jorge Flores

My mission is to design your values.