what is my job as a brand consultant

I believe that the work of a brand consultant is above all, to listen carefully to the client and to be empathetic. Thus to be able to add to his vision, the intended knowledge.

This requires a lot of understanding, intuition and psychology. An important cultural and personal development is also necessary to be able to fulfill this role. Since a consultant should be able to travel in time to take those nuances that will add texture and color to the stories that will transform a brand in unique.

La labor de un Consultor de marcas

For informational purposes. According to Forbes, The World’s Most Valued Brands are: Apple as the most valuable brand, followed by Google and Coca-Cola in third place.

In my career as a designer, art director, writer, blogger, creative … What I liked the most was being able to tell stories. And that is precisely what I want to continue doing, but with more experience and knowledge than ever.